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Why dms expert

DMSXpert- The Best utility for Multi Location Business Reporting in Marg ERP!

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DMSXpert Benefits

Easily view and analyze all the reports from all your branches at one place. Anytime/Anywhere. Marg ERP brings the best reporting functionality for Multi location/branch businesses.


You have complete visibility about how your each branch/ product is performing. Gives you the right kind of reporting to initiate early interventions.

Ease of Doing Business

The whole process is hassle free. You don’t need to visit each branch just to seek information and data to day transactions.

Centralised System : Everything at one place, View reports from all of your branches at one place.

Complete Control on Business

Gain complete control over your business. DMSXpert gives multiple types of reports which can be used to take important decisions and keep the business in control. All in a a hassle free manner!

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