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The configuration for multibranch data is a one time job and you have the flexibility to choose the reports & data that matters to you. We have created actionable dashboards for easy tracking of business performance & decision making. Makes you equipped to take decisions and intervene at the right time!

With 5,000+ professionals working in more than 500 channel partner offices, today Marg ERP Limited is one of the leading ERP solution companies and has become a pioneer in providing business solutions to more than 9.5 lakh users across India and globally.

Marg ERP brings hassle-free multi-location Business reporting only for you!

It's time to switch to Dmsxpert reporting if you are using Marg ERP to manage your multi-location business. Easily view and analyze all the reports from all your branches at one place.

Features of DMSXpert DMSXpert reporting can be customised as per your needs. Only see what you care for.

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Your Multi Location business reports at one place anytime/anywhere!

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Easy Data Synchronization

One time implementation and you are ready for hassle free reporting!

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Highly Secure

Never worry for a data theft. You are covered under 7 Layer data security features by Marg.

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Multiple types dashboards

Reports in the format you want, track a product or performance of a location.

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